Changes since pre-beta:
* WAPPIT now only runs when a user is logged in
* Installed in a per user setting
* Automatically updates when user logs in

* None

Known issues:
* Playing movies or music from frieds reset after 12 seconds when using VLC web player.
* When using Windows Media Player it downloads the entire file before starting to play.
* Most people will see friends turn from yellow to green when they are online. However, not all will depending on your internet provider and router. So you may still need to use port forwarding.
* If you change internet connection you need to restart WAPPIT (restart the service or restart computer)

Planed changes:
* We plan to build our own players/viewers for movies, music, pictures and documents
  - For music to be able to make play lists
  - For movies something similar to youtube.
  - For pictures to be able to make slide shows and browse buttons (next and previous)
  - For documents to display the text contents
* Adding icons several places to add features:
  - Edit friend settings from the side bar.
  - Remove subfolder from share.
  - See who has access to a specific share/folder.
* Warning when turning off computer and someone is downloading a file from you
* Awoid sleep when WAPPIT is active

Additional features under consideration:
* Chat
* Streaming from all users with the same file (similar to torrent systems)
* Interaction with torrent clients or option to download with torrent client
* Search for friends/users
* And more features as you find in programs like Facebook and Skype.

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