Changes since pre-beta:
* Bug fixes and small changes

* SetupGuide - responding to friend requests made it jump out of the guide
* Friend system - if you did not acknowledge messages you may get duplicate friends or they reappeared after deleting

Known issues:
* Runs best (only) in Chrome
* Plays only MP4 videos and MP3 audio
* Viewing files in the "All Files" will likely result is crap
* eBook viewer not made
* Upload list not implemented
* Download list needs a lot of work

Planed changes:
* We plan to build our own players/viewers for movies, music, pictures and documents
  - For music to be able to make play lists
  - For movies something similar to youtube.
  - For pictures to be able to make slide shows and browse buttons (next and previous)
  - For documents to display the text contents
* Adding icons several places to add features:
  - Edit friend settings from the side bar.
  - Remove subfolder from share.
  - See who has access to a specific share/folder.
* Warning when turning off computer and someone is downloading a file from you
* Awoid sleep when WAPPIT is active

Additional features under consideration:
* Chat
* Streaming from all users with the same file (similar to torrent systems)
* Interaction with torrent clients or option to download with torrent client
* Search for friends/users
* And more features as you find in programs like Facebook and Skype.

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